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4-axis Programmable Motion Controller MC-02A4 for Stepper Motors

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4-axis Motion Controller MC-02A4 for stepper motor.

What it is and what it is not?
It is:
- multi-axis motion controller, that generates complex motion profiles for external driver.
- programmable step pulse generator.
- stand-alone motion controller (custom version only)

It is NOT:
- driver and cannot drive the stepper motor directly.
- servo controller and cannot accept encoder signals directly
- breakout board for Mach3 type programs

MC-02A4 accepts signals from:
- End Limits, Origin Return and Start Deceleration sensors.
- Start switch
- Emergency Stop switch

MC-02A4 output signals:
- Step Pulse
- Direction
- Enable
- MS1 and MS2 step mode selection
- AUX 1- 8 used as universal outputs.

The MC-02A4 needs to be connected to a motor driver, that will provide necessary current and voltage to the motor.
When either BSD-02, BSD-02LH or BSD-071 driver is used, then the connection with MC-02A4 is simple, just plug in a ready made ribbon cable. These drivers will also give access to extended features of the MC-02A4 like changing the step mode on the way.
For other type of drivers a custom cable will need to be assembled and changing the step mode may not be possible.

It is not a simple breakout board as many products advertised on internet as "motion controller".
The MC-02A4 is a REAL motion controller.

MC-02A4 connects to the PC via USB port.
It may be powered by an external power supply but in most cases can be powered directly from USB port.

It is intended for users that are capable of creating their own PC application.
For that purpose, two DLL libraries are available along with MS Visual C# solution template for testing.
Additionally, an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) is provided that helps in learning and testing process.

- Constant-Speed Operation at FL or FH rate from Start to Stop
- Varied-Speed Operation from FL at Start to FH and deceleration from FH to FL before the Stop
- Linear or S-Curve acceleration/deceleration (ramping up/down)
- Continuous Operation until the Stop signal or Stop command
- Preset Operation Stop after number of pulses
- Origin Return Operation with the ORG trigger
- Timer Function with no output pulse
- Idling Pulses from 0 to 7
- Pulse Rate variable on the way
- Suspension of acceleration/deceleration on the way
- Immediate Stop
- Deceleration Stop
- Inputs for External Start and Stop control
- Inputs for End Limits, Start Deceleration and Origin Return
- Monitoring operation status
- Selectable number of Positioning pulses
- Speed Pulse settings separate for FL and FH rates
- Pulse rate Multiplication factor

- Step Pulse Minimum Frequency - 0.58651 Hz (or pps)
- Step Pulse Maximum Frequency - 2,457,300 Hz (or pps)
- Preset Counter Maximum - 16,777,215 pulses
- Inputs - High Speed Schmitt-trigger CMOS (5V Level) Normal Close
- Outputs - High Speed CMOS (5V Level) with Max Source or Sink Current 20mA

Documents for download:

MC-02A4 User Manual
Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for MC-02A4 - Manual
MC02HID Library Reference
MC02ENCOD LIbrary Reference

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