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3D Scanner

IntriCAD NL introduces Tri Angles™ 3D Scanner

On this page we are proud to present an example of sophisticated and accurate application based on our driver. The driver used here is BSD-01P.


IntriCAD NL Tri Angles 3D Scanner

3D Circumference scanner capable of scanning object and full color texture in less than 2 minutes. Software includes DirectX video processing and OpenGL based graphics. Exports scanned models to STL, DXF, VRML and OBJ.

The BSD-01P is a programmable controller and stepper motor driver on one board. Here it works in two different modes.
First one, stand alone, does not require connection to the computer. In this mode the controller calculates and generates number of step pulses and timing delays. Rotational speed is adjusted with simple potentiometer.
The Second mode, allows controlling the motor directly from the PC through RS232 or USB. This way only few external components are used as the BSD-01P executes all the logic and functionality in one place.

Scan Type 3D Non-Contact Circumference Scanner
Scan Technique Point Triangulation
Scan Method Deformation of projected pattern (stripe) over the 3D object/scene (laser, projection) to indicate depth points
Scan Sensor CCD type visual array, video camera (recommended)
Scan Range Depends on scan set up and optics
Scanning Speed Typically less than 60 seconds at full video resolution per rotation pass
Scanner Accuracy Factor 100-200 times less than height of object
Scanable Materials Most opaque surfaces. (Mat white surfaces are best)
Texture Scanning Yes
Hardware Footprint (instrument setup area) Desk top
PC-less scanning Yes
Hardware control Manual (Motorized turn table)
Software Features Auto interface to CCD video (Composite, USB, FireWire), DirectX AVI recorder, Pre scan filters and process control, device interface control, post process transformations (patching, smoothing editing), OpenGL hardware rendered graphics, export to popular formats: STL,DXF,RAW,PNT,VRML,OBJ and a compressed native format TXS

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